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What a Custom Transfer?

A custom transfer in garment printing refers to a method of applying a design or graphic onto fabric using a transfer paper or film. It involves creating a customized design, usually through digital printing, and transferring it onto a transfer medium. This transfer medium is then heat-applied onto the fabric using a heat press machine.

Custom transfers offer several advantages in garment printing. They allow for high-quality, detailed designs with vibrant colors and sharp images. They can be used on a wide range of fabrics and garments, including cotton, polyester, and blends.


Custom transfers are often used for small to medium-sized production runs or for personalized and one-off items. They are also commonly used when printing on dark-colored garments, as they can incorporate an opaque or white base layer to enhance the visibility of the design.

Custom Transfers happen in three different sub categories: Direct to Film, Vinyl, and Sublimation.

direct to film

Custom Transfers

Direct to Film printing is a great printing technique for businesses looking to create high-quality, long-lasting T-shirt designs.


It involves printing your design directly onto a special film and then transferring it to a T-shirt made of cotton, polyester, or their blends, regardless of their color, as it can work with white ink.


This makes it easy to create vibrant, eye-catching designs that are sure to stand out.



Custom Transfers

Heat transfer vinyl, or HTV for short, is a specialty vinyl polymer that can be used on certain fabrics and materials to create designs and promotional products.It comes in a roll or sheet form with an adhesive backing so it can be cut, weeded, and placed on a substrate for heat application.


Heat transfer vinyl is made in single colors and is best used for simple designs with minimal colors since each individual color or pattern used in the design must be cut, weeded, and heat pressed.Certain heat transfer vinyl can be layered to form multi-colored designs.The more layers involved, the harder it is to match up each to achieve the end result.Heat transfer vinyl cannot be used for full-color pictures or anything with gradients.There are other applications for those options.


Custom Transfers

Sublimation shirt printing, also known as sublimation dyeing or sublimation printing, is a method of printing designs onto polyester fabric using heat and special inks.


Unlike traditional printing methods where the ink sits on top of the fabric, sublimation printing allows the ink to permeate the fibers, resulting in vibrant, long-lasting, and full-color designs.

Sublimation printing is an ideal choice for businesses, organizations, and teams who want to create long lasting, vibrant prints that are sure to attract attention.


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