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What is Vehicle Wrapping?

Car wrapping is when you cover a car, either fully or partially, in a special vinyl film. It’s designed to help people change the look of their car without having to pay through the nose for a full respray.

With vinyl wrapping, you can change how your car looks, either with a new color, new design or a new texture, like matt or gloss. In fact, as wrapping has become more popular, there are now a huge range of options to choose from, allowing you to put a unique stamp on your car.

The great thing about car wrapping is that a lot of the colors, textures and designs couldn’t be replicated with a traditional respray. Or they could, but at an eye-watering cost beyond the reach of the average car owner.

why vehicle wrap

with Printing Galore?

The Highest Quality
  • Printing Galore employs the highest quality processes in Temecula Valley for your business.
  • Our services include Post Heating - an end process where we superheat the panel material after application so that the vinyl won't shrink in the Temecula Valley Heat.

Materials Galore
  • We use the best materials in the business from high-quality vendors like 3M.

  • We'll customize every job to your needs - from budget-friendly materials to the most premium on the market.


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